Tonight: French Mini-Series on TV5 (with English subtitles)

scene from Paris Tonight at 11 p.m., TV5 is beginning the broadcast of the French mini-series Paris with English subtitles.  Here is what The New York Times says about it:

“It’s a sad, sad, sad, sad city: A bus driver steals back his keys after being benched and holds his passengers hostage. A pregnant wife hides her husband’s gun in her bag, then loses it. A prosecutor with a gambling debt cracks a safe but leaves the money behind. And the prime minister’s son skips school to search for his mother — and, after being mugged, finds solace with a transgender nightclub chanteuse.

“And it’s not yet noon in “Paris,” a six-part French mini-series that traverses 24 hours as a dozen seemingly random residents dodge, dart and finally collide. Created by the writer Virginie Brac and the director Gilles Bannier of the labyrinthine crime drama “Spiral,” and starting Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 11 p.m. Eastern on TV5Monde, it’s a moody mashup of cool and grit featuring the César-winning actor Éric Caravaca, the Swiss model Julie Ordon and the French rapper Kool Shen; a score by the keyboardist Hervé Salters; and a graphic intro that soars through the innards of the Eiffel Tower. Oh — and subtitles.”

This is not the Paris of tourists but of people from all walks of life whose daily lives are spent there.  And the series is not something you’ll find on American TV.

The Global Studio distributes TV5 to all academic buildings via the University’s wired computer network.  Download the French playlist for VLC, open VLC with that playlist, and watch TV5.  You must be on an ethernet connection in an academic building.  You may watch TV5 on any of the Global Studio computers and on the large TVs in the Studio; ask the Studio Assistant to make TV5 available if it is not on one of the TV screens.  The Studio is open until midnight Sunday – Thursday.












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