For Learners

Do you want to maintain and improve your skills in a language you once studied?  Are you trying to maintain what you’ve learned when you can’t take regular classes?  Do you want to learn a new language?  The wealth of resources both on campus and on the Internet make it possible for you to meet your goals.

The Global Studio can help you identify and use resources to meet your needs.  The faculty and student staff of the Studio are building two wikis to help you get started:  the new Resources for Independent Language Learning–still under construction–gather resources available in both the Studio and on the web; the Global Studio wiki contains links to SCOLA’s Insta-Class lesson, an excellent way to build listening comprehension and vocabulary.  The wiki for the Self-Directed Language Acquisition Program has resources for organizing your learning, setting goals, assessing progress, and focusing on specific skills, e.g., listening.

If you are learning a less-commonly-taught language, you should consider enrolling in the Self-Directed Language Acquisition Program and earning credit for your work.  You may also ask permission to take SDLC 105, Introduction to Self-Directed Language Learning, to learn skills that may help you learn independently.  (SDLC 105 is a requirement for students enrolled in SDLC 110; students not enrolled in SDLC 110 are permitted to take SDLC 105 when space is available.)

You are also welcome to contact Sharon Scinicariello, Director of the Studio, for help matching your needs and various resources.

Learn More about the SDLAP


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